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“It’s as Canadian as maple syrup”? No, it’s as Canadian as Butter Tarts!

Butter tarts have been an integral part of Canadian culture for over a century. Some would say they have a cult following, but they’re way more popular than that! There are numerous “butter tart trails” and annual butter tart festivals. So it’s safe to say that butter tarts and being Canadian go hand in hand. 

Naturally, as with any traditional recipe, there is a lot of debate about the “proper” ingredients. There are purists who believe the butter tart should not have raisins or nuts or anything else added to the deliciously gooey filling. Others believe that, since raisins and currants (and then later nuts) were widely available a century ago, the butter tart should have these ingredients incorporated into the filling.

Today, many different versions of the butter tart exist – gooey vs. firm fillings, thick vs. thin crust and pecans/raisins vs. plain. And there’s healthy debate about whether they should be served warm, or a la mode, or with whipped cream and berries.

To which we say, “Yes, to all of the above!”

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