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1. How long has Grandmother’s been in business? Grandmother's Bake Shoppe was founded 36 years ago in 1983 by Joe and Clemie Lasalle who lived in Sudbury.

2. Where is the business located? We are located in Toronto, near Dufferin & Lawrence.

3. How large is the business? We are a small bakery with just under 20 employees.

4. Where can I buy your butter tarts? They're available in lots of locations! If you are interested in specific products just call or email us.

5. Do you make more than just butter tarts?  We make butter tarts because we love them! We also make fruit tarts, seasonal tarts (like minced fruit!) and more. We have a tart for everyone!

6. Is your bakery peanut/nut free ? No, it's not. Although we do not use peanuts, we do use pecans and walnuts.

7. Who is the owner of the business? Grandmother’s Bake Shoppe is a family owned business.

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